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Welcome to My Art World

Hello and welcome to my art world.

I have not just been busy setting up this art blog and new website to connect lovely art collectors with my paintings. I have also been madly painting for an exhibition coming very soon but more on this later.

The aim of this artblog to involve you in the journey of my art creation, studio practice and to share the fruits of my artistic pursuits in an engaging helpful way. I am hoping to make the website and blog a place where you can easily view my artworks, stay informed and have an enjoyable purchasing experience if you choose to do so.

 In the art studio with Jacquelyn Stephens

Now that we are here, out of interest…What is your favourite kind of art?

When I was a little artist, I just loved the Impressionists especially the simplicity and colour of Claude Monet and the romantic and powerful gestures of Vincent Van Gogh. I was always going to be an Impressionist…but then I discovered Surrealist Art, you know Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, Joan Miro, Hans Arp to name a few. I loved their ideas, their minds, and their nonsenses in playing with reality. It was so cool…but then as I moved through life my thirst for art knowledge allowed me to gulp down all the art movements and savour their contents. I love the Abstract Expressionists as much as I adored the Romanticism of the 18th Century. Renaissance Art to the Colour Field painters, Figurative Art, Pop Art, Op Art, Landscape artists, even The Young British Punks and nearly all the Australian Artists. And to this day I have gleaned brilliant bits of knowledge from every art movement I have loved. All of it has inspired and helped me to create my path and my work and inspired me to be unique and remain genuine to my calling.

Painting Aqueous Drift Coral Bloom II
So having said that, when it comes to choosing something for my own walls, I have eclectic but rather picky taste. I have some treasured Art that I have bought from people because I loved the work. I found it beautiful. It resonated and it moved me. At this point, I have to pull my husband into this, if I don’t, he might get antsy, and say ‘WE’ have both abstract and figurative artworks on our walls. Colourful and Monochrome (usually just 2 colours i.e., Black & White). Photography and of course our kid’s paintings plus the good old family pictures. That’s what a home is, isn’t it? Everything should be able to work together, complement each other into comfort zones of your personalities and tastes. I guess what I am trying to say it is okay to like all different types of art, and things… it makes us who we are.

Having gone through the process of extending my own home, I had to ask myself ‘What sort of art would I like to see on that wall there or that spot above the stairs?’ I totally enjoyed this process and now love moving the artworks around and try lots of different pieces on different patches. I also love buying new art to when I can, it so lifts a room and gives me joy every day.

Do you find choosing art fun? And love arranging where everything is going to go?

I will leave you with those questions to ponder. I would love to hear your thoughts, so if you want to share them leave a comment or use the contact form on the website.

And don’t forget to go check out my artworks here and my galleries and stockists all listed in website menu bar.

Painting Light Field Bloom I

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