1. You tell me which artworks of mine you like the most from my website, Instagram feed etc via email or messaging, Contact Details at bottom of this page.

2. What size painting you want. What colours, style, mood appeal to you.

3. I put together a quote for you.

4. You say 'Yes, that sounds good', and pay a 30% deposit to cover initial materials and supplies for the artwork. Or, we discuss it and make changes.

5. Then, the best part, I start painting your special commission.

6. When its nearly done I start sending you photos or you visit my studio to see it.

7. You love it!

8. I varnish the painting to protect it and make the colours sing.

9. You pay the balance of the quote and I send the artwork to you.




1. Have a look through my websites and Instagram feed for colour palettes, styles, themes, and or compositions that you like.

2. Email me your ideas & size, medium and support, usually traditionally stretched canvas or linen, but I am open to other options. Contact Details at bottom of this page.

This should include colours, style, atmosphere or feel of the artwork i.e. peaceful, energetic, colourful, monochrome etc… Your inspirations. Also add screen pics or titles of the artworks you are connecting to and what you like about them. Where you expect the artwork to hang…lounge, bedroom, dining, office etc

3. Next, I gather all your ideas into a general design brief and we work together to refine this into a ‘Concept Design’.

At this point we also talk about the payment schedule, time frames & pricing, see the price list in menu bar.

4. I send a copy of a ‘Contract for Commissioning an Artwork’ to you which is really just all of the above in writing so you and I are on the same page during the whole creative process and you are getting the result you requested.

You agree, or we make changes as needed. You pay the 30% deposit to cover initial materials and supplies.

5. Then, the best part, I start gathering materials and creating something wonderful and unique just for you and your space.

During the creating I will be taking photos at progress points for my records. I am also happy to send you photos once the painting is towards completion and when I feel the painting is coming together with the concept design

6. Towards the very end, before the final varnishing of the painting, I will send you finished images to approve or provide for any feedback or changes.

Please note if you are in my location, you are very welcome to view the artwork in person.

7. Once the final painting is approved, I varnish your beautiful creation to protect it and make the colours sing. Whilst you make the final payment before delivery to you or the framer.


I love creating special commissioned artworks for people and especially working together to create something extraordinary, beautiful and unique for your wall. 

...any questions, just ask!



I require a non-refundable deposit of 30% the quoted price before artwork commences to cover the cost of initial supplies and materials to get the job going.

I will accept payments by instalment throughout the period of creating the artwork if desired.

Full payment is due upon completion and prior to delivery of artwork. If the artist is organizing framing, this will be invoiced separately at the time of framing.


CONTACT details

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