Painting Commissions Welcome

Below are approximate prices for popular standard sized artworks. Different dimensions and custom sizing is also available with cost depending on size and style.

Prices are for an Acrylic Paint on traditional stretched canvas or linen as seen in my usual artworks and un-framed. Framing can be arranged for an additional fee.

The list shows an approximate price range because some of the different painting styles I do are more complex and require more work and materials, than others.

All prices are in Australian Dollars


All commissions are unique pieces not copies of another artwork…I can make them similar to another completed artwork i.e. in the same colours of, style of and the atmosphere and feelings of, one of my completed artworks, but each piece is completely unique.

I have done many successful commissions in the past where my collectors have been thrilled with the results. I love the process and working with clients to create something wonderful and original for their walls.

Please have a look at my listed artworks to get an idea of what you like and what you want. Then we can start a discussing what, where, how, size, colours etc

Most commissions take between 4-6 weeks, sometimes more, sometimes less.

I welcome clients to send me photos of their interiors and colour swatches, fabric snips etc. for me to use as reference materials.

Contact Jacquelyn via her CONTACT page in the footer below or email your ideas to


Commission Prices

41cm x 41cm = $600 - $750

51cm x 51cm = $750 - $900

61cm x 51cm = $800 - $1000 

61cm x 61cm = $900 - $1100

71cm x 71cm = $1100 – $1300 

76cm x 76cm = $1200 – $1500

92cm x 92cm = $1400 – $1600 

102cm x 76cm = $1400 – $1600

102cm x 102cm = $1500 – $1900

112cm x 102cm = $1600 - $2300

122cm x 61cm = $1500 – $1900 

122cm x 92cm = $1900 – $2500 

122cm x 122cm = $2200 – $3300

153cm x 92cm = $3000 - $3700 

153cm x 102cm = $3200 - $3800

153cm x 153cm = $3000 - $4000

183cm x 92cm = $3800 - $4800

183cm x 92cm = $3800 - $4800 

183cm x 137cm = $4000 - $5000 

183cm x 153cm = $5200+

198cm x 153cm = $5700+

 Please note I update this list every so often to keep in line with what’s happening with the economy and my suppliers.


Here are some examples of recent Art Commissions with very happy clients



Large Abstract Art with sealife and microscopic forms and circular shapes

large Painting abstract with sea-life and circular shapes. painted in layers with drips