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Immersion Re-Immerged - Large Colourful Abstract Artwork

Immersion Re-Immerged - Large Colourful Abstract Artwork

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This is a large original, one off, colourful abstract painting on canvas ready to hang on your beautiful wall.

Artwork: 'Immersion Re-Immerged'

Medium: Acrylic Polymer Paint on Traditional Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Dimensions: H92cm x W122cm


Like most artists I feel the need to revisit artworks from the past and more often than not it is to find some solace and peace with who I am as an artist now. This is the case with this ‘Immersion Re-Immerged’ which harks back to my 'Infinite Possibilities' series around 1997-2006. This series explored various forms of print communication images, and where I really did put print media under the microscope. I feel it had a big influence on my future fascination with all things microscopic and miniscule worlds.

The dots in the painting have a direct relationship with the dots used in mass media print images, named after the Benday Dot Screens used in production. And very heavily influenced by POP art especially Bridget Riley and Chuck Close.

In this ‘Infinite Possibilities’ series, newspaper images were abstracted and manipulated from exploring them under visual devises such as magnifying glasses and microscopes. I then reproduced and manipulated the dots by hand. There is a lot of work in these paintings with layers and layers of hand-painted dots so that the artwork becomes these crazy clusters of rhythmic vibrating spots and dots that pulsate through space with lights and darks filtering through the surface. A lot of fun but sometimes it used to do my head and hand in.  And an important connection with the dancing molecules and frenzied atoms appearing in my more recent work. In this artwork I re-examine all those things.

These bigger paintings really start to visually vibrate and resonate with universal themes of the sublime of things big and small. Over and above in looks at the infinitely sublime possibilities contained within minute things.

'Infinite Possibilities. Zero becomes the dot, becomes the circle and the sphere in which there is much harmony. Discovered beneath the microscope, Jacquelyn Stephens explores the minutiae of the processed image, reduced to its component dots of colour'. Courtesy of Art Writer David Thomas.

Although the process of making was very important, this series is also a lot about seeing and looking. In this particular painting, there is so much delicious texture for the eye to explore. And the multiple layers create a hazy depth and play three-dimensional eye games.

But, ultimately, what I enjoy most about my paintings is they make people smile with a sense of wonderment and feelings of joy as well as giving their walls finesse with a splash of colour for years to come.





ALL PAINTINGS ARE VARNISHED with Professional Quality Artists Varnish, once they have been photographed. This gives a protective surface and an exquisite sheen that really makes the colours powerful & eye-catching.

The painting is on canvas wrapped around traditional wooden stretcher bars with edges that are a smart 3.5cm deep out from your wall.

The edges are cleaned, staple free and painted a elegant black to compliment this painting.

Ready to put on your wall with hanging wire on back.

Painting is signed and titled verso.


NOTE: Artwork is sold UNFRAMED.

I think it looks fabulous with a black shadow box frame, it really compliments the paintings tones. SHADOW BOX FRAMING in raw oak, white or black can be arranged at for an additional fee. Message me for a quote.

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