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Aqueous Drift Coral Bloom III - Original Abstract Artwork

Aqueous Drift Coral Bloom III - Original Abstract Artwork

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This is a large original, one off, colourful abstract painting on canvas ready to hang on your beautiful wall. 

This artwork allows you to immerse yourself in the colours inspired by reef life and an underwater wonderland.

Medium: Acrylic Polymer Paint on Traditional Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Dimensions: H61cm x W122cm 

Underwater life thrills me. All the amazing sea-life and the multi-layered landscape beneath the surface is a place of beauty, comfort, discovery and otherworldliness. I find these things beautiful and soothing just like creating art.

‘Aqueous Drift – Coral Bloom III’ continues in my fascination with the ocean and minutiae of life. It belongs to my ‘Bio Bloom’ Series exploring the sublime beauty of microscopic life and the natural world as I am deeply inspired by nature and the forces that shape it.

All the tiny fragments of the universe and patterns of life and of course I can never escape the Oceans pull on me. I grew up in and by the sea. Bioluminescent organisms, magnificent corals, seaweeds, algae, shell forms and all manner of sea creatures from my memories of Snorkelling around the back beach at Flinders, Australia.

The round forms and hues in this artwork are inspired by rock-pool life and reefs, and in particular, when the coral spawns(blooms) to procreate all its beauty. Shorelines, coral reefs and the waters of existence all containing so much minuscule life. Bioluminescent organisms, coral spawning, seaweeds, anemones. Nature’s patterns on a microscopic and macroscopic scale. I find these beautiful things extraordinary and soothing just like creating art and I aim to express this in my paintings. 

The organic shapes and motifs I use allude to pulsating growth formations, cellular life forms and to the beautiful otherworldliness of the microscopic building blocks of life. There are many many layers of paint and circular forms giving depth and the feeling of being immersed in the artwork as if being in the water. The colours are soft and gentle to the eye and mind. The tonal and hue variations are intended to create feelings of peace and bring rest to the soul. Cool blues and calming pastels hinting at apricots and peaches with touches of mango here and there. Intentionally quiet and floaty. The multilayered surface is slightly textured with brush marks underneath. I love that your eyes get to explore and discover subtle hidden shapes and patterns within this painted surface. Some fun for the eye and the mind.

Ultimately the paintings are about our sense of awe and wonder at these miraculous building blocks of life. The hope is that the paintings trigger a beautiful uplifting and contemplative experience for the viewer. An experience that also reminds us of the beauty in, and of our important relationship to, the fragile natural world.

What I do enjoy most about my paintings is that they make people smile with a sense of wonderment and feelings of happiness as well as giving their walls interest and a splash of colour for years to come.



 ALL PAINTINGS ARE VARNISHED with Professional Quality Artists Varnish, once they have been photographed. This gives a protective surface and an exquisite sheen that really makes the colours powerful & eye-catching.

The painting is on canvas wrapped around traditional wooden stretcher bars with edges that are a smart 3.5cm deep out from your wall.

The edges are cleaned, staple free and painted a neutral grey to compliment this painting.

Ready to put on your wall with hanging wire on back.

Painting is signed and titled verso.

SHADOW BOX FRAMING in raw oak, white or black can be arranged at for an additional fee. Message me for a quote.

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