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Bio Sphere – Emerald Bloom IV – Abstract Green Painting on Round Wood

Bio Sphere – Emerald Bloom IV – Abstract Green Painting on Round Wood

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This is an original one off, abstract painting on round plywood panel ready to hang on your beautiful wall.

Medium: Acrylic Paint on Round Plywood Panel with bracing and hanging wire on back

Dimensions: Circular canvas 30cm (Diameter) x 2cm (Depth)

This painting has a slightly primordial, beginning of time feel in the cellular forms that appear to be growing across the surface. The colours reflect nature and are inspired by the vibrant mini-worlds discovered in rock pools, coral reefs and microscopic life forms. The greens and blues literally glow like jewels.

‘Bio Sphere – Emerald Bloom IV’ is inspired by microscopic other worlds and aquatic wonderlands. Particularly cell growth, minuscule amoebas, plant life and of course, as I grew up by the sea, I can never escape the otherworldliness of underwater sea life such as coral, algae blooms and seaweed growth. The shapes I have used and their arrangement are intended to form visual intrigue moving in and out of focus and relating to our memories of things in nature. The roundness of the painting allows you to come in close like looking through a circular microscope lens or submarine window.

The circular organic motifs and patterns allude to cellular life forms, dainty aquatic-life and to the visceral otherworldliness of the building blocks of life like cells, amoeba and molecules. Delicate and beautiful yet also vulnerable and precious.

Ultimately the paintings are about connecting to our sense of awe and wonder at nature and the miraculous building blocks of all life. 

What I enjoy most about my paintings is they make people smile with a sense of wonderment and feelings of happiness as well as giving their walls beauty, intrigue and a talking point for years to come.


ALL PAINTINGS ARE VARNISHED with Professional Quality Artists Varnish, once they have been photographed. This gives a protective surface and an exquisite sheen that really makes the colours powerful & eye-catching.

The painting is on an Artist's quality ROUND plywood panel with stretcher bracing on the back.  Edges are a smart 2cm deep from the wall. The edges/sides are cleaned, staple free and painted an elegant black to compliment the painting, as seen in the photo.

Ready to go on your wall with hanging device on back.

Painting is signed and titled verso.

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