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Bioluminescent Coral Bloom - Large Colourful Abstract Painting

Bioluminescent Coral Bloom - Large Colourful Abstract Painting

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This is a large original abstract painting on linen ready to hang on your beautiful wall.

Medium: Acrylic Polymer Paint on Traditional Gallery Wrapped Linen


Dimensions: H92cm x W153cm x 3.5cm  


There is much here for your eyes to explore. The dramatic darks and subtle lights in this painting create an otherworldly feel. The background of the artwork has a soft focus, this together with the defined circular forms drifting daintily across the surface move the eye in and out of focus. The blurring effect I use creates an ethereal amorphous mysterious feel to the piece. The coral pinks and warm apricot colours give the painting a rich warm quality.

‘Bioluminescent Coral Bloom’ continues with my fascination in the sublime beauty found in micro-worlds, biology, the sea and the effervescence contained within the waters of all life.

All the tiny fragments of the universe and patterns made by nature and of course I can never escape the Oceans pull on me. I grew up in and by the sea. Bioluminescent organisms, magnificent corals, seaweeds, algae, shell forms and all manner of sea creatures from my memories of Snorkelling around the back beach at Flinders and the many days I spend fossicking along the southern coast of Australia seeking inspiration and materials. The round forms and hues in this artwork are inspired by this sea-life and reefs, and in particular, seaweeds around Western Port Bay and the coral spawning events north on the Great Barrier Reef where these creatures bloom to procreate in all its magnificence.

The circles also relate to patterns made by light and nature. Beams of light and rain on surfaces like glass or a car windscreen. Or the photographic reading of light giving the ‘bokeh’ effect, a soft out-of-focus blur of luminosity. The reference to light is about creating a glow, an incandescence, a moment of illumination, something mysterious, magical and special amidst the dark, a glimmer of hope. I wanted to create something universal, sublime and beautiful for our collective memories of life and nature to ponder.


Many viewers feel a gentle freedom from this series of paintings. Uplifting and peaceful like being underwater watching sea-life in the ebb and flow of the ocean.

But ultimately, what I enjoy most about my paintings is that they make people smile with a sense of wonderment and feelings of happiness as well as giving their walls beauty and a talking point for years to come.


 ALL PAINTINGS ARE VARNISHED with Professional Quality Artists Varnish, once they have been photographed. This gives a protective surface and an exquisite sheen that really makes the colours powerful & eye-catching.

The painting is on canvas wrapped around traditional wooden stretcher bars with edges that are a smart 3.5cm deep out from your wall.

The edges are cleaned, staple free and painted a black to compliment this painting.

Ready to put on your wall with hanging wire on back.

Painting is signed and titled verso.

SHADOW BOX FRAMING in raw oak, white or black can be arranged at for an additional fee. Message me for a quote.

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